These lights changed our lives. We started a new life, we get to gather under the light & enjoy the cool nights after hot days.

Solar Light provides systems and services for the following:

  • Households:- Design the solar lights for gardens, Lawns, porch etc.
  • Offices and shops:- Flood Lights for offices.
  • Institutions & factories:- Room lighting, emergency lights, passage lights, small appliances
  • Hotels & Guest Houses:- Lighting for rooms and passages, emergency lighting, fans
  • Remote homes, stations, clinics:- Complete power for lighting and small appliances

A Typical Household System Solar panels collect sunlight and convert it into electrical energy, and a battery stores the energy produced in the daytime for use at night. Appliances consume the electricity produced. If the user wishes to use ordinary household appliances, and inverter is used to convert the battery power into alternating current (AC).

Energy Saving Appliances Solar Light Company offers complete solutions to its customers and is a one-stop shop for small-scale electrification needs.  Solar Light provides energy efficient appliances that would make the solar home or office worth the capital investment.

Our range of appliances includes:

  • Solar lamps and lanterns
  • Solar Gardens Lights
  • Solar Battery Chargers
  • Solar Street Lights
  • Solar Shed Lights
  • Solar String Lights
  • Solar Led Flood Lights
  • Solar Hot Water


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